About the Kid's Case

On 27 and 28 June, The ‘Hood supported 8 parents to bring a judicial review action against the Group Manager of Medsafe for his decision to provisionally consent to the Pfizer COVID-19 product for 5-11 year olds.

The case was simply premised on the fact that there was all risk and no benefit for this product for this age group.  Further, there was no emergency to justify its provisional consent while it was still in clinical trials and both medium and longer term effects were not known.  A further pillar of the argument was that the C-19 products were now totally ineffective in the Omicron wave.

The parents also sued The Minister of Health and The COVID-19 Response Minister for rolling out these products to healthy children.  

In support of the 8 parents, the following experts provided extensive and comprehensive expert reports, which we were so proud to be filed. 

The hearing was before Justice Gendall in the High Court at Wellington.  We are all eagerly awaiting his decision.

Our legal team, led by David Jones QC and Tom Molloy of Counsel, Shelley Eden, instructing solicitor, and Katie Ashby-Koppens, legal case manager did us all proud and we know that we gave it our all and put the best case we could.

The Kids Case Documents ...

Applicants' expert reports

Click here to see the reports of ...

Dr Robert Malone 

(Scientist, Physician and original inventor mRNA vaccination as a technology)

Lisa Mitchell 

(Statistician and provided expert opinion in respect to adverse events following the COVID-19 products)

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche 

(Virologist, Belgium)

Dr Peter McCullough 

(Medical Doctor of Dallas, Texas)

Dr Martin Lally 

( Associate Professor, New Zealand)

Associate Professor Byram Bridle 

(Associate Professor of Viral Immunology)

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky 

(Physician and Vaccine Developer)

Dr Phillip Altman 

(holds Pharmacy and Science degrees)

Dr Simon Brown 

(Retired Research Scientist)

Government's Affidavits

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Dr Ian Town

(Chief Science Advisor at the Ministry of Health)

Dr Paul Tomlinson

(Medical practitioner in paediatrics and the Chair of the Medicines Assessment and Advisory Committee)

Dr Peter McIntyre

(Paediatrician (FRACP) and Public Health Physician (FAFPHM)

Ms Iona Holsted

(Secretary for Education and Chief Executive of the Ministry of Education)

Dr Ashley Bloomfield

(ex Director-General of Health and Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health)

Mr Christopher James

(Group Manager of Medsafe - (New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority))

High Court Judgment

Click here to see Substantive Judgment by Justice David Gendall - June 27-28 2022