Judicial Review update

Feb 27, 2022


Eight parents brought a judicial review against Medsafe and others for the approval of the Pfizer vaccine for 5-11 year olds. The basis for their case was that the risks of the vaccine outweighed the benefits in this age group and the government failed to consider a proper risk benefit analysis when considering whether to provisionally approve the vaccine.

The focus of their Submission was that the Pfizer trials for this age group were of such a small number as to make the trial unusable for assessing either safety or efficacy. We were not successful on the urgent interim application to halt the roll out. The Crown Just filed its defence and provided some discovery this week.

This is not over! We have the substantive hearing to come, and need your support to make the government accountable, answer our questions, and provide us the evidence that we so far have not seen.

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