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If you have an open mind, an open heart and serious questions, you've come to the right place! Whether you’re a young person weighing up the risks and benefits of the Covid vaccination for yourself, or a parent looking to make the best decision for your child, we're here to give you some unbiased facts to help in this difficult decision.

As parents, we love our kids and want to protect them from harm. That’s why we’re delving deeper and asking questions. Our children are our future and the decisions we make for them today will impact them for the rest of their lives.

The 'hood is a community of Kiwis from all walks of life, seeking unbiased answers. Uninterested in politics and heartily opposed to division, we are parents, doctors, nurses, academics, scientists, lawyers and concerned humans who share a common goal: to make the best decision for our children regarding Covid vaccination.

We know there’s a lot of fear out there - and a lot of unanswered questions. Our mission is to help you find answers to those questions.

So read on and take your time to consider the facts rationally and calmly. Remember, our children are relying on us to make the best decision for them and their future.

We have questions

We're a community of parents, doctors, nurses, academics, scientists, lawyers and concerned others who share a common goal: to make the best decision for our children and young people.

  • Like you, we want to protect our children.
  • Like you, we feel bombarded by information.
  • Like you, we've got lots of questions.

The biggest question keeping us awake at night? If the vaccine is as ‘safe’ as the government repeatedly claims, why are there so many serious adverse events and deaths reported, including here in New Zealand?

In the ‘hood we believe it’s essential we look beyond the government’s ‘safe and effective’ narrative and tap into the knowledge of international doctors and scientists who have observed first-hand the risk of Covid to children, and the benefits and risks of vaccination.

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Here at The ‘Hood, we believe there are too many unanswered questions about the safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer jab for children, so we are spearheading an urgent court case to challenge the government's 'safe and effective' narrative. We are requesting the government reviews the data, and looks at the most up-to-date science that clearly states it is not necessary for children to receive this vaccine, particularly while it's still in the experimental phases of development.

Data from around the world clearly indicates the benefits do not outweigh the risks for children; in fact, the risk of vaccination is considerably higher than the risk from Covid-19, which is almost always a mild, flu-like illness in children.

If you agree that children, who have a 99.998% chance of recovery from Covid-19 should not be used as test subjects to protect the vulnerable adults in their lives, please donate to the 'Hood today. We urgently need your help to bring this case to court.

Your children will thank you.

Did you know?

“The risk to children from natural infection from the virus is almost zero, and over 99.98% of children who catch the virus will make a full recovery.”


Is the vaccine safe?
What are the chances of my
child dying from Covid?
What are the long-term
effects of the vaccine?
Will the vaccine stop my child
infecting others?

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